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Training And Rewards At Basilisks

Training And Rewards At Basilisks - buyrsaccount.com RuneScape Guides

Basilisk Training and Rewards

By: avyion12

  • 1.0 [ Introduction ]
  • 2.0 [ Inventory & recommendations ]
  • 3.0 [ Routes to basilisks ]
  • 4.0 [ Inside look ]
  • 4.1 [ Ranging basilisks]
  • 5.0 [ Rewards & drops ]
  • 6.0 [ Frequently Asked Questions ]
  • 7.0 [ Credits ]
1.0 [ Introduction ]
Training And Rewards At Basilisks - buyrsaccount.com RuneScape Guides
This guide will show you how to train at basilisks. This guide will go in depth on the equipment you need, the skills needed, the route to the Basilisks, and their tantilizing rewards.
2.0 [ Inventory & Recommendations]
There's a certain stat level you should have for these, to either survive, or to camp there for a large amount of time. Even though only being level 61, they still can hurt over a long period of time, even for high levels. Here are the MINIMUM recommended stats needed.
  • 60-65 Attack
  • 60-65 Strength
  • 60-65 Defence
  • 40 Slayer is a must.
Those are just the minimum -- you can train here productively to 80+ levels in these skills. I'm in the 80's for attack and strength, and I still enjoy coming here and training.
Here's a look of what you should bring for an inventory, for either 1 time trip, or constant trips.
Training And Rewards At Basilisks - buyrsaccount.com RuneScape Guides
  • 1x Coin- To hold the space for coins you will recieve from alching.
  • 1x Nature- To hold the space for nats, you will recieve ALOT more.
  • 1x Water- To hold the space for waters, you will recieve HEAPS more.
  • 1x Fire staff- To use in alching, you will use ALOT, depending on how long you're there.
  • 350x Fire runes- instead of holding a fire staff, and having to equip it, and unequip it, you can alch using runes to cut down on time.
  • 10x Camelot teleport runes- To teleport back to camelot, bring more than one if you plan to go more than once.
  • 22x food- Can be replaced with tuna, swordfish, or even sharks.
Optional Inventory
  • Bones to Peaches spell. Bones to bananas could work well, but is suggested you take the time to get the bones to peaces spell and take advantage as much as you can.
  • Guthans (not recommended). You should not use Guthans to heal off of the basilisks, as fighting without the mirror shield will lower your stats. It is possible to heal by attacking pyrefiends, but this is difficult as they use a Mage-based melee attack.
  • Chisel. While training there, basilisks do drop gems. Just cut the the gems, then drop them.
  • Teleport Tablets. instead of using two, or even three slots for runes to teleport, it is optional to bring tablets to replace them.
  • Ring of Wealth can be brought to Basilisks to increase rare drop rates. it can replace a dueling ring.
  • Dramen staff. this staff is NEEDED to use the fairy ring teleports.
  • Berserker helmet- To add a strength bonus, and also decent protection.
  • Glory amulet- For heightened stats, can be replaced with fury, or power amulet.
  • Rune plate and legs- good defence, basic, not too elaborate. Can be replaced with barrows, or dragon.
  • Mirror shield- No replacement for that, if you don't use it, your stats will go from normal to zero really fast. Mirror shields are obtainable at any slayer master. Slayer masters are found in Burthrope, Canifis, Lost city/Zanaris, Edgeville dungeon, and Shilo Village.
  • Dragon scimitar- For attacking, can be replaced by whip, dragon longsword, or dds.
  • Rune boots- Good defence, can be replaced by climbing boots(+2 strength) or any other set of boots.
  • Cooking gauntlets- Provide good protection and gives +2 strength bonus, can be replaced with klanks gauntlets, or any of the gloves recieved from the recipe of disaster quest (<a href="/quests.php?id=106" target="_blank">/quests.php?id=106" target="_blank</a>)
    3.0 [ Route to Basilisks ]
    To kill basilisks, you're going to have to know where they are. I have compiled two maps, one for above ground, and the other for the dungeon.
    Above ground:
    Training And Rewards At Basilisks - buyrsaccount.com RuneScape Guides
  • Other modes of transportation to the basilisk layer is the fair ring path. If you have done the quest, Fairy Tale Pt.II, the ring teleport places you near the entrance to the dungeon, the fairy ring code is AJR. To use this mode of transportation, you MUST have the Dramen staff with you.
  • Another course of travel is the house teleport. The house teleport is just south of rellekka. Once you have teleported to your house(your house MUST be in rellekka) you will walk east to get to the entrance of the dungeon.
    Training And Rewards At Basilisks - buyrsaccount.com RuneScape Guides
    To get to the basilisks, you must run, or walk. If you are lucky enough to have 81 agility, you can take the shortcut. This shortcut goes from the cavecrawlers, to the pyrefiends.
    4.0 [ Inside Look ]
    Now you need to see what it is like in there. You can survive a long time in there, and get good drops, a great spot to get herbs for herblore.
    Ok this is what you DON'T want to do: take off your mirror shield. in the picture below, I took only 5 shots, all hitting a 10... look at my combat stats.
    Me getting owned:
    Training And Rewards At Basilisks - buyrsaccount.com RuneScape Guides
    4.1 [ Ranging Basilisks]
    Ranging basilisks can be hard and very aggravating to do, but IS possible. there is a safe spot (see insert below). this is the safe spot used, but it is recommended that you use a single handed ranging weapon opposed to a bow. That being because if you dont trap the basilisk right, he can attack you, and get your stats drained.
    NOTE: You can not use a bow to range them. Even if you are in a safe spot for ranging, their attacks become long ranged, and they will hit you. This means you will recieve hard damage in addition to severely lowered stats. it is wise to use single handed range weapons.
    Training And Rewards At Basilisks - buyrsaccount.com RuneScape Guides
    5.0 [ Rewards and Drops ]
    Basilisks are AMAZING for their drops, natures, heaps of waters, alching items, great herb drops. It's shocking what you can accumulate here. here's the drops:
    1. Item names in red denote recommended to HIGH alch.
  • Addy helmets
  • Herbs- all kinds
  • Natures- 15,37
  • Rune daggers
  • Waters- 75
  • Half keys
  • Mith spears
  • Steel battleaxes
  • Adamantite ore
  • Mithril axes
  • Coins
  • Bones( 100%)
  • White mystic hats
  • Basilisk heads
  • Sapphires
  • Emeralds
  • Rubies
  • Law runes
  • Diamonds
  • Shield left halves
  • Gold charm
  • Green charm
  • Blue charm
  • Crimson charm
  • That is a considerably good list, and the natures, waters, herbs are quite frequent.
    This is by far the most rewarding part of the guide; rewards. This is mine after a few days of training here. I have ALOT more herbs, but this is after a run.
    Training And Rewards At Basilisks - buyrsaccount.com RuneScape Guides
    In the picture above, i will name the herbs there.
    • 3x Irits
    • 4x Avantoes
    • 3x Kwuarm
    • 1x Cadantine
    • 9x Ranarr
      6.0 [ Frequently Asked Questions ]
      Q: Can i make good money here?
      Yes you can, Through herbs, natures or even waters. Alched items will accumulate gp's very fast, so there's no doubt you can make alot here.
      Q: Do I have to wear a mirror shield?
      You MUST. You'll be slaughtered very quickly, I got owned fast, and only 5 shots, and your stats go down HARSHLY. So dont try.
      Q: Do I need to have 40 slayer?
      Yes, you can not kill them otherwise.
      Q: how much exp do you receive an hour?
      It really depends on the persons stats. Im 80 79 75, and i usually get 30-35k exp an hour, which is good to high average. It will be worth your time trust me.

    Q: how much gp in cash AND items do you receive?
    Again, it really all depends on luck. My friend usually does not get alot of natures, but receives alot of waters, while I receive lots of natures and an average amount of waters. On average, you will recieve 100k gp to 200k gp in cash and items in one load, which is good in my opinion.
    Q: What level are basilisks?
    They are level 61. Don't underestimate them though.
    Q: Where can i buy a mirror shield?
    Mirror shields are obtainable at any slayer master. Slayer masters are found in Burthrope, Canifis, Lost city/Zanaris, Edgeville dungeon, and Shilo Village.
    7.0 [ Credits ]
    avyion12: For writing the guide.
    jaGeX: For letting me use their world map.
    Axe Man Jack: For providing me with the ranging picture.
    runescapecommunity For letting me post my guide, and for making a premade template for the guide because im extremely lazy.
    imageshack For uploading my guide pictures :)
    trickplay, and a mysterious person who gave me ample amount of info, corrections and help.
    If you have any questions at all, pm me.
    Feel free to put CONSTRUCTIVE critisism here, suggestions are welcome :)
    Author: avyion13

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