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Runescape update for Solomon’s General Store: Special Pets
  • Venessa
  • 2013-01-18

There were new items added to Solomon’s General Store last month, and Special Pets was honorable to be released from Solomon’s General Store.

It is very easy to raise these special pets, even you don’t need to feed them, and they can grow quite faster than expected. You can raise them as your trustworthy companions. If you raise more than one, they can interact with each other. As mentioned before, they can grow from infant to adolescent, then from adolescent to adult. As they grow up with your level raising, you can treat them as your best friends. What’s more, if you feed them with some specialized treats, they will grow faster. These specialed treats are available from Solomon’s General Store. If you have paid Runescape accounts, you can get a 10% discount.

The appearance of the pets changes with growing up. When they reaches one of these life stages, you are able to switch their appearance between any of their unlocked appearance as long as you are willing to. There are two emotes getting along with each of the three appearances. If you switch the appearance time to time, it seems you have different partners that can interact with you!

If you feel you are not quite understand how to raise special pets or have some further question, you can feel free to investigate the Special Pets FAQ. In addition, the noble skypouncer and the formidable loyal blazehound are available from Solomon’s General Store. More available items are found in this store, you can access the FAQ for more details.

It is particularly worth mentioning here that 200 free RuneCoins are available when you drop in this store and no matter you have paid Runescape accounts or not you can get these free RuneCoins. Gamers can purchase more RuneCoins inside this store by clicking ‘ buy RuneCoins’. To reiterate, RuneCoins are usually given a 10% discount to members who have paid runescape account.

Since they are many valuable or interesting items are released from Solomen’s General Store, you can just  buy Runescape accounts to enjoy the discount benefit.