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Runescape update: Abduction Teleports from Solomon's General Store
  • Venessa
  • 2013-01-22

There is good news that Abduction Teleports will be released this week to cheer up all players whoever have paid Runescape accounts or not. This exceptional release is thank to players who dedicate themselves to the development of Runescape. The four imagination animations stem from the minds of creative players who posted on the official Runscape forums.

There are various kinds of inhabitants of Gielionor of each animation. And these inhabitants can steal players away from the locations where players stand, which include a catapulting in the unmistakable goblin mob fashion and a Vyrewatch aerial abduction.

Any adventure are able to choose their home teleport to display a random animation as long as they own and they can change it from time to time, as no limit is restricted to the number of teleports that players can own or use.

And these four fantastic player-inspired teleports are available from Solomon’s General Store at this very moment. What’s more, all these benefits are not limited to players that they buy paid Runescape accounts or just create free Runescape accounts on official website.

However, if players want to buy additional RuneCoins, it will offer a 10% discount to those owning paid Runescape accounts, which is a long-time preferential policy.

Therefore, it is strongly recommendable players buy cheap rs accounts on Buyrsaccount to be members who are available to enjoy more benefits from Solomon’s General Store.