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RS >> Sell Runescape Accounts

Sell Runescape Accounts

Are you considering to sell your Runescape account? buyrsaccount is your best choice to sell your cool RS account! Now you can sell your RS account on buyrsaccount for free. buyrsaccount provides a good platform for you to sell Runescape account whether you are customers of buyrsaccount or not. The details for selling RS account is up to you and the buyer. thousands of people sell their accounts on farmaer100. buyrsaccount's staff would be able to inform you as soon as possible if there is anyone who wants to buy your RS account. If you don't know how to sell your Runescape account, please feel free to contact buyrsaccount's staff on live chat on http://www.buyrsaccount.com, where you can get the best service on how to sell your account. Now, buyrsaccount are trying to buy a lot of Runescape accounts, so if you want to sell Runescape account, you can contact our customer service any time!

How to sell RuneScape accounts to buyrsaccount?

Thank you for selling RuneScape accounts to buyrsaccount. We only accept RuneScape account over combat level 60.

Five Steps to sell RuneScape accounts to buyrsaccount.

Step 1. Sign in or Sign up:
if you are already a member on buyrsaccount website, sign in and go straight to step 2. If not, register a member first. It is totally free.
Step 2. Contact us:
Contact our customer service via livesupport on our website to talk about payment and responsibilities.
Step 3. Submit Information:
Choose Service Type: click “buy/sell account” button and choose Sell RS account, then get on the page “sell RS account”
Fill in Basic Information: fill in the basic information correctly and completely. Upload the skill, bank and character screenshot of the account. (Further please see below tips)
Fill in Detail Information: fill in the detail information about the account. If there’s recovery, fill in the blanks where answers exist. And then submit it.
Step 4. Receive feedback:
After you submit the request, we will check your account details and recover it. And then, you will receive a short message noticing the result. (Log on your farmer 100 account to see the message). Refused. if the account fails to be recovered, it will not be put on sale on buyrsaccount. If you still want to sell it to buyrsaccount, you should contact us and help us to recover it. Accepted. If the account is recovered successfully, we will accept your account. We will mark the seller of your account as buyrsaccount, and you can not see it from your selling RS2 accounts list in your buyrsaccount account
Step 5. Get Payment:
If your account has no recovery or member records, after we find the buyer, we will pay you three days later. Otherwise, we will pay you 14 days later. We choose paypal as the only payment option, so you have to prepare a paypal account to accept our payment. How to use paypal? Click here.


Skill level: this is related to the search engine of our company. The detailed skill level can lead buyers to your account.
How to do screenshot: two methods to make screenshot
First method: download software like SnagIt or snapshot and use them to do screenshot
Second method: use your msn to make screenshot. Follow below steps
1. login your msn and minimize it.
2. press “ ctrl, alt, a” together
3. press left button of the mouse until you catch the picture you want
4. save the picture as jpg type.

Mark a Price: type the price which you make with our customer service online Details: You are suggested to write down the highlights of your account to make your account more attractive. Paypal Email: paypal email is the username of your paypal account. We will give payment to this paypal account.

Your responsibility as a seller:

For accounts No recovery and member records:

If the account is banned or locked within 3 days, you should take full responsibility, and we will not pay for it until it is unlocked. Furthermore, you should help us get back the password once the account is hacked in future.

For accounts with recovery or member records:

If the account is locked within 14 days, you should take full responsibility, and we do not pay for it until it is unlocked. We both have half responsibility if the account is banned within 14 days. Furthermore, you should help us get back the password once the account is hacked in future.